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We, the Studio Antiques team are trained and dedicated in providing conservation and restoration of antique furniture using only traditional, natural, authentic reversible products and techniques

We respect each and every piece of antique furniture to retain its value during our restoration and/or conservation process Since establishment in 1990 by founding member Emmeke van der Meulen, who trained for 7 years in Europe, her continued dedicated passion today is to maintain a high standard of ethics and professionalism, promoting the restoration and preservation of our heritage in South Africa.

We offer a complete range of antique furniture restoration, conservation and products.

  • Our restoration philosophy is that any given piece of furniture should be restored for conservation purposes only to avoid further deterioration, maintain functionality and aid preservation for future generations.
  • Our unique service offers an on-site maintenance conservation programme available nationwide. In order to avoid costly future restorations we consider this service of ultimate importance to your collection.
  • Due to our passion for conserving our heritage we are proud to introduce our range of treatment products. Each product is simple to use, crafted from age old recipes and adapted for our harsh South African climate.

L'Atelier Studio Antiques
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